7 City Church’s vision is to see cities transformed by inspiring community and influencing culture. When you become an Ecclesiastical Member of 7 City Church, you make a commitment to the 7 City Church family by saying, “Count me in!” In turn, our leadership says, “You can count on us” to minister to your spiritual needs.

7 City Church is a pastor-led, staff-driven, board-governed church. As an Ecclesiastical Member of 7 City Church, you commit to support 7 City Church’s vision, values, statement of faith, and bylaws. The word “Ecclesiastical” comes from the New Testament Greek word ecclesia, and is a reference to “the church.”

The apostle Paul compared the church (the body of Christ) to the human body. Paul said, “The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:12). As a part of the body of Christ, we take our God-given gifts and abilities and commit them to the mission of Jesus Christ in our world.

The expectations for Ecclesiastical Membership at 7 City Church are included on the back of this card. The qualifications for membership include a commitment to the lordship of Jesus Christ, baptism in water, participation in 7 City’s START Class, and a commitment to abide by the expectations of Ecclesiastical Membership.

Membership Expectations

As an Ecclesiastical Member of 7 City Church, I commit to:

  1. Pursue a Growing Relationship with Christ
  • By submitting my life to Christ’s Lordship.
  • By patterning my life after Scripture.
  • By cultivating my relationship with Christ through prayer, His Word, and His Spirit.
  1. Protect the Unity of 7 City Church
  • By handling conflict God’s way.
  • By supporting and praying for the leadership of our church.
  • By upholding the vision, values, and statement of faith of 7 City Church. 
  1. Participate in Biblical Community
  • By regularly attending 7 City Church and making 7 City my church home.
  • By engaging in community with other followers of Christ at 7 City Church.
  • By cultivating healthy, loving, God-honoring relationships.
  1. Practice Influencing Culture
  • By using my gifts and abilities to serve 7 City Church.
  • By using my influence to positively impact our community and culture.
  • By giving generously to 7 City Church.

To read 7 City’s statement of faith, click here

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