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The Values We Play By

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The Values We Play By

Each team at 7 City Church plays by three TEAM VALUES. These values are the internal rules of the game and define how we function as a team. They are standards we strive for among our staff and teams at 7 City Church. 

We Are…

Servant Leaders – We lead by serving and serve by leading with integrity, humility, and excellence. (We aren’t hung up on titles, perks, or privileges. Instead, we follow Jesus’ example of servant leadership, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.)

Team Players – We cultivate teamwork by developing people, protecting unity, and speaking with candor and care. (We develop people over programs because people are eternal. We protect the unity of the church by speaking positively and avoiding gossip. We speak with candor and care about our areas of ministry). 

Hard Workers – We hustle to innovate and execute with an unapologetic focus on our vision. (We give it our all, doing our best to fulfill the vision God entrusted to us.) 


  1. How do these three values inspire you? Why?
  1. What is one thing we could do as a team to be better servant leaders? 
  1. What is one thing we could do as a team to be greater team players?
  1. What is one thing we could do as a team to work harder?

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