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7 City Playbook | Newsletter – June 2016

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The Playbook is the leadership content 7 City provides to its leaders and volunteers each month to help you grow in your character, leadership skills, and values. We provide three resources to help you in your leadership journey:

  1.  7 City Church Playbook [Newsletter] – This monthly newsletter features an article from Pastor Stephen, a recommended resource, something to celebrate from 7 City, and a preview of upcoming activities and events. You can sign-up for the Leadership Playbook here. To access a PDF of previous issues of the newsletter, click here.
  1.  7 City Church Playbook [Team Edition] – This easy-to-use resource is designed to facilitate discussion with your team. It’s a short, half-sheet version of the article featured in the monthly 7 City Church Playbook Newsletter, and includes a summary of the content, discussion questions, a Scripture to live by, and a quote to remember. To access a PDF of previous team editions, click here.
  1.  The Leadership Playbook with Stephen Blandino [Podcast] – This monthly podcast with Pastor Stephen features practical training on leadership issues. It’s a great tool for personal growth, and can be easily shared with team members at church, work, or in the community. To access previous podcasts, or to subscribe to the podcast, click here.

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