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7 City Playbook | Newsletter – August 2016

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  Hard Workers: Five Steps in the Pathway to Becoming a Hard Worker  Pastor Stephen Blandino At 7 City Church, we have three team values. We say, “We are servant leaders, team players, and hard workers.” Today I want to focus on our third value: hard workers. In the book...

7 City Playbook | Newsletter – July 2016

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Team Players: Four Qualities of Exceptional Team Players  Pastor Stephen Blandino Through Scripture we find multiple examples of teamwork. Moses took his father-in-law’s advice to establish leaders over teams of ten, fifty, one hundred, and one thousand. Nehemiah led the...

7 City Playbook | Newsletter – June 2016

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The Playbook is the leadership content 7 City provides to its leaders and volunteers each month to help you grow in your character, leadership skills, and values. We provide three resources to help you in your leadership journey:  7 City Church Playbook [Newsletter]...

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